The fees indicated relate to the standard Survey and Report as set out in our Survey Conditions and Terms of Engagement. Short-form  and specific purpose Reports attract lower charges. The standard Report is a comprehensive document detailing the condition and all other relevant matters affecting the property, giving advice and making recommendations where appropriate.

For properties up to 65m.sq -  €385 - €450.

For properties between 66 and 110m.sq - €450 - €520.

For properties above 110 square metres habitable floor area the fee will be discussed and agreed with you following receipt of the sales details to allow an assessment of the complexity of the task to be made.

Fees can be adjusted to reflect specific areas of interest or concern and the standard Terms of Engagement altered accordingly either to enlarge or restrict the scope of the survey. Any alterations to the survey parameters are confirmed in writing.

For office based consultancy and ‘live’ (accompanied) surveys fees are based on an hourly rate of €100; no report is issued in these circumstances, other than a short letter highlighting the key findings of the joint investigation. An estimate of the time likely to be involved in conducting these inspections will be given.

Travel: Travelling is charged at a rate of €8 per ten minutes’ drive time: ie: an hour’s driving is charged at €48 . The contribution to travelling costs will be given alongside the fee proposal.

Extended travelling: For surveys taking more than ten hours work we charge for meals and in some cases hotel accommodation where appropriate, and these charges will be discussed and agreed with you in advance.

Fees are not subject to TVA tax and once agreed may be regarded as being fully inclusive and not subject to change without prior agreement in the event of the clients’ intentions being altered or other unforeseen circumstance requiring a significant revision of our instructions.

Fees are payable in advance either in Euros to our French bank account (preferred), or in Sterling to our British  account. Details will be provided with our confirmatory email.